About Us

about-usFounded in 1999, TB Landmark (TBL) has established itself as a leader in the Pipeline, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and Underground Utility markets within the Southeastern United States.The vision of our founders to become a multifaceted, self-performing contractor has been realized through the formation of three distinct divisions operating under central management. Our core beliefs are that if we out-perform and over-deliver, we will grow. Utilizing these principles and making sound business decisions, our company maintains the financial strength and bonding capacity to perform large projects for our clients.

TBL is a diversified company that can accommodate a wide range of project scopes Рfrom Natural Gas transmission & Horizontal Directional Drilling to Water & Wastewater infrastructure; we can provide turn-key solutions. We maintain General Contractor licensing in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, with other states soon to follow. TBL self-performs most work so that we can better adhere to project schedules and exceed your expectations.

Our fleet consists of over 200 pieces of equipment, including ten (10) drill rigs ranging from Mini to Maxi in size; with pull-back capacities up to 500,000 pounds. We hold certification in Pipe Fusing and regularly work with HDPE and FPVC. TBL believes in protecting & maintaining the environment around us. Our investment in cutting-edge mud recycling technology endeavors to leave our sites as clean and preserved as we found them.

Throughout our 17 year history, TBL has never been involved in litigation or arbitration with any of our clients. It is our view, for the markets we serve, that for long-term growth and stability, there is no substitution for integrity. Please contact us with questions about insurance and bonding capacity.

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