Current Projects

Client: Dominion Carolina Gas Transmission
Location: Lexington County, SC
Description: Lines L/M Exposure Remediation – This project requires the new installation of 8″ and 12″ steel high pressure gas mains beneath a stream and wetlands outside of Columbia, SC.  The new lines will replace the old, exposed lines originally installed in the ’60s.

Client: RH Moore Construction
Location: Mt. Pleasant, SC
Description: Pump Station 119 FM – As a subcontractor, TBL is installing approximately 12,450 LF of 24″ DR-11 HDPE by directional drill.  While the borings are of different lengths, there will be 8 shots in total.

Client: Hillsborough County, FL
Location: Tampa, FL
Description: Westchase Potable Water Interconnection – This project includes the installation of 2650 LF of 12″ FPVC primarily by HDD and includes steel casings buried by open trench method for future road construction and respective utility extensions.

Client: Hillsborough County, FL
Location: Tampa, FL
Description: Shell Point Road Water Main Replacement – Constructing this project requires a delicate touch in a congested ROW along highly trafficked areas.  Materials to be installed include 4750 LF of 8″ FPVC by directional drill, 4550 LF of 8″ DIP and 1000 LF of 6″ DIP by open trench construction.  Also included in the project are 11 jack & bore crossings installing 600 LF of 16″ steel casings.

Client: Manatee County, FL
Location: Bradenton, FL
Description: Force Main 18 M Replacement – Cortez Road – TBL will construct 3000 LF of 8″ DR-11 HDPE and 8″ C-900 DR-18 PVC by directional bore and conventional trench.  The project also includes all fittings, valves, traffic control, restoration, by-pass pumping and pavement repair.

Client: Manatee County, FL
Location: Bradenton, FL
Description: Tara 20 Force Main Parallel to Lena Road – Project includes the installation of 8700 LF of 20″ C905 DR-18 FPVC  force main from SR-70 to the existing 30″ force main and make a tie-in.

Client: City of Daytona Beach
Location: Daytona Beach, FL
Description: Halifax River Force Main Improvements – This project includes construction of a single 30″ subaqueous force main beneath the Halifax River, approximately 2500 LF in length and of fusible PVC materials.  On the west bank the line will tie into the existing force main at the headworks and on the east bank the southern connection of the proposed 30″ FM will tie into the 24″ FM on Peninsula Drive.

Client: Lakeland Electric
Location: Polk County, FL
Description: This project requires a multi-staged approach performing various tasks to enhance Lakeland’s natural gas transmission line, that must coincide with planned shut-downs at the power plant.  Tasks to be completed include installation of new steel pipeline by jack & bore and HDD methods, isolating and purging Florida Gas Transmission & Gulfstream natural gas pipeline connections (approx. 10 miles of pipe), abandon & grout fill old pipe, install new flanges, valves & vents and repack the gas line.  Project has critical milestones to meet during the plant outage.

Client: Brunswick Glynn County Joint Water & Sewer Commission
Location: St Simons Island, GA
Description: Pump Station 2032 Regional Force Main Improvements – Project includes the installation of a new 16″ force main along a portion of Fredrica Road, Palmetto Street and the entrance and headworks to the Dunbar Creek WPCP in St Simons Island, GA.  The work includes installation of 10,450 LF of 16″ HDPE DR-11 by directional drill, 760 LF of 16″ DR-18 PVC by open lay, connection of the new force main to PS 2032, connection of the force main to the junction box at Dunbar Creek and rehabilitation of 90 LF of 30″ DIP gravity sewer by fiber resin lining.